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On this episode of Hospitable, as we sit down with Ruben Westmeijer, CRO and Co-Founder of Bond Agency, the world’s first nearbound agency, where we talk about building partnerships that matter. 

We discuss trends in partnerships, indirect sales, and content creation for brands in the hospitality industry. And we explore how both large hotel chains and independent hoteliers can attract new audiences and stay relevant in the changing market. Ruben shares his background in tourism management and his passion for creating relationships in the B2B space. 

Tune in to hear insights on how to bring value to clients and navigate the evolving landscape of the hospitality industry.

Podcast Timestamps:
00:00:00 - Value in Consultative Work
00:00:48 - Introduction to Hospitable Podcast
00:00:59 - Ruben Westmeyer's Background
00:01:20 - Trends in Content and Sales for 2024
00:02:13 - Ruben's Journey from Tourism to Partnerships
00:03:39 - The Decision to Become an Entrepreneur
00:04:20 - Idea and Timing for Starting a Business
00:05:23 - Working with a Partner in Business
00:06:45 - Learning from Past Sales Roles
00:07:39 - Building Value for Clients
00:08:27 - Marketing Trends for 2024
00:09:16 - The Rise of Influencer Marketing in B2B
00:10:09 - Nearbound Strategy and Leveraging Networks
00:11:30 - Building a Successful Partner Network
00:12:46 - Travel Experiences and Entrepreneurship
00:13:08 - The Role of AI in Business
00:14:09 - Establishing Clear Expectations in Partnerships
00:15:11 - The Importance of Partner Profiles
00:16:03 - AI's Impact on Future Business
00:17:04 - Travel Influencing Business Perspectives
00:18:41 - Muse and Career Growth
00:19:59 - AI for Pitch Deck Creation
00:21:32 - AI Customization and Specialization
00:22:37 - Leveraging AI in Branding and Outreach
00:23:55 - Exciting Trends for 2024
00:24:11 - Custom AI vs. Standard AI Solutions
00:25:56 - The Importance of Data in Hospitality
00:27:29 - The Future of Events and Personal Connections
00:28:43 - Utilizing Data for Hotel Growth
00:29:56 - Hiring a Data Specialist
00:31:34 - How to Connect with Bond Agency
00:32:29 - Closing Remarks and Podcast Support Request

[00:01:20] Trends in content and sales.
[00:06:05] Starting a business with your significant other.
[00:09:48] Nearbound strategy and influencer marketing.
[00:13:08] How to build a partner network.
[00:18:08] Cultural differences in international teams.
[00:20:24] The future of AI.
[00:24:43-00:24:54] Custom AI tools in development.
[00:28:23] Leveraging data for better experiences.
[00:32:29] Growing the podcast community.

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