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Venuesuite announced its new Dynamic Pricing Feature and we discussed the latest trends and innovation that is shaping the MICE industry.

Podcast Timestamps:
00:00:00 - The Value of Partnerships
00:01:01 - Introduction to the Host and Guest
00:01:57 - Speaking at ITB and Impact of Tech on Hospitality
00:04:11 - The Importance of Openness and Collaboration in the Industry
00:06:05 - The Role of Technology in Enhancing Hotel Operations
00:06:39 - Venue Suite's Origin and Mission
00:09:03 - The Entrepreneurial Journey and Venue Suite's Impact
00:11:24 - Automation's Role in Hospitality
00:13:38 - Venue Suite's Vision for the Future
00:15:09 - Dynamic Pricing in the Meeting and Event Space
00:18:02 - The Changing Landscape of Hospitality Tech Partnerships
00:20:28 - Venue Suite's Growth and Challenges
00:23:02 - The Significance of Trust in Strategic Partnerships
00:24:30 - The Value of Friction in Forming Strong Partnerships
00:25:16 - The Fear of Vulnerability in Business Relationships
00:26:08 - The Importance of Physical Presence at Industry Events
00:29:33 - Key Takeaways from ITB for the Host
00:32:18 - Closing Remarks and Contact Information

00:00:00 - "There's a lot of problem identifiers in the world, very few problem solvers."
00:04:11-00:04:21 - "the times of not being open and transparent are long gone."
00:05:20-00:05:30 - "we need to be in a more space where we're more transparent, we're more open."
00:09:25 - "I saw this, I felt this, and I was like, There's nothing on the market. Why don't I just build it? And then like crazy enough to just like go build it and see what happens."
00:14:41 - "So why not just add a little bit of percentage on top of that to create a little bit more of healthy profit? There's nothing wrong with that."
00:17:06 - "And that's really interesting to see with the larger players in the room that are now getting a very dominant foothold in the market because they all have an open API system."
00:18:34 - "But I think that so much change is happening in a positive direction."
00:24:06 - "Usually there needs to be a little bit of that friction in the beginning that allows, and I think the faster you get to that friction point, the faster you actually see what you have on the other side of the table."
00:24:59-00:25:11 - "we all know it, but it's actually really hard when you actually have to roll up your sleeves and be vulnerable because you're being seen. And that is a scary thing, especially without our CEO. It's scary, scary for everybody."
00:27:36 - "The real conversations are a lot better. It gives you more fingerspitzengefühl, they say in Germany."

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