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Step into the world of storytelling in business. Shawn P. Walchef, Kees Zorge, and Rob Napoli come together for a spontaneous exploration of the industry. Recorded on the fly, this episode captures the essence of candid conversations and unfiltered insights. They discuss the importance of true connections, resilience, and the impact of humanising brands.

Join the trio as they delve into the simplicity and power of podcasting, sharing genuine perspectives on building a successful and resilient business in the digital age. From debunking misconceptions to personal anecdotes, this jam session is a treasure trove of wisdom for entrepreneurs and industry enthusiasts.
Embark on this unscripted journey filled with raw reflections and authentic exchanges. Tune in now to experience the energy and spontaneity of this hospitality jam session firsthand.

Podcast Timestamps:
[00:03:23] Global expansion and new locations.
[00:07:16] Consistency in customer experience.
[00:08:30] Making hospitality more human.
[00:12:38] Managing a distributed team.
[00:17:27] Building a kind team.
[00:20:07] Adapting to ambiguity in business.
[00:26:35] Customer experience and rewards.
[00:28:41] Leveraging memes for brand resonance.
[00:33:43] A memorable travel experience.
[00:34:37] Connecting on LinkedIn and travel.

00:00:25 - "And it's not about being commercial or telling how great we are, but actually sharing the view on where the hospitality is moving towards."
00:08:37 - 00:08:47 - "Yeah. And it's funny because every, at every airport, somebody is like, Oh, are you a content creator? And I was like, yeah, I run a pod. I run a couple of podcasts and they're always like, Oh, I'm a music artist or I have a content creator here. And like, wait, wait, that's all you need to record. I'm like, yeah, I have an H six recorder, three good mics and two iPhones. Like, Oh, I have a lot more stuff now. I was like, yeah, you don't need it."
00:10:46 - "Omniboost has to be in Chicago. Chicago is the Superbowl of technology, of restaurants, of hospitality."
00:13:34 - "They don't have the courage to post it. They don't have the courage to trust Rob."
00:16:23-00:16:33 - "they're charging 5,000, 10,000, $15,000 a month with no guarantee of placement."
00:19:23 - "We will be friends forever. Just you wait and see."
00:21:59 - "Sean, that has been our challenge since the beginning. I don't want to sound arrogant, but we've got freaking amazing tech."
00:25:50 - "What is digital hospitality? Explain it to a six year old."
00:26:32-00:26:42 - "Yeah. That's what we do. We help you remember"
00:28:55-00:29:06 - "I fucking hate ego."
00:34:02-00:34:12 - "So if that's the competition, and I know that the people that will listen to this, that will watch this, we're a rare breed of people. That it's just, we're never gonna stop until we figure it out. And when we figure it out, we're only gonna make it better. It will never stop. Today is the worst day it will ever be. That's where the fun is, right? That's exactly where the fun is."
00:35:27-00:35:37 - "Tell us a fucking story. Tell us a story."
00:38:02-00:38:12 - "They care about you and the story. They care about Kees. They care about Adam Harris. They care about Amon Narang and Steve Fredette."
00:45:16 - "No one came to tell our story, so we decided to tell it ourselves."

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