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Join us for an enriching dialogue with Mickey Creyf, CEO of Travel Experts and BTS Travel. In this thought-provoking episode, Mickey and our host explore the profound impact of technology on the travel industry and the enduring importance of personalization in travel experiences.

As the CEO of Travel Experts and BTS Travel, Mickey brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Throughout the conversation, he shares insights into how technology has transformed the travel landscape, from AI-driven trip planning to optimizing customer interactions.

Despite the advancements in technology, Mickey emphasizes that travel remains a deeply human experience. With anecdotes and perspectives, he highlights the vital role of personalization and human connection in creating memorable travel journeys.

Podcast Timestamps:
[00:03:11] Adapting to Artificial Intelligence.
[00:09:54] Business travel insights.
[00:13:19] Personalized travel experiences.
[00:17:59] Traveling with cultural immersion.
[00:22:43] The evolution of travel agencies.
[00:25:12] Relationship business in hospitality.
[00:30:32] Automation in the hospitality industry.
[00:32:39] How to reach Mickey.

00:00:13 - "I've never been afraid of technology."
00:03:47-00:03:58 - "But you've got to have the budget as well to do so, to reinvest."
00:11:13-00:11:24 - "actually visiting the city."
00:14:59 - "And your timeline, et cetera. And then there's a lot of people who don't have time to plan all of this or to be busy with it. So there's a lot of very successful people out there. And if there's one thing that I think a lot of, probably you as well, we're short of time. And time is precious."
00:17:24-00:17:35 - "how do you individualize and how technology plays a role, but also how human elements still plays a role in building out experiences."
00:20:35 - "Sometimes you need to allow people to have that flexibility to split off into groups, maybe, you know, one-on-one or kind of split up and do different things that fit your needs."
00:23:42 - "a classic travel agency is compared kind of like with a newspaper shop that doesn't have a future."
00:26:31 - "Yeah. I mean, it's a relationship business, right? Like hospitality, you see this, not just in travel, but all hospitality, you know, it's a people business and technology."
00:31:41-00:31:51 - "Yeah, I love that. I mean, that's why I'm going to exist. We actually, our unification platform is where we help hospitality industry, you know, create integrations to do that and fit into their accounting so they can do less manual, more creative tasks. Like that's actually our whole ethos. I love that you brought that up. It's like where automation, where technology can help every industry across the board. It's amazing."

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