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In this episode of Hospitable we dive into the independent hoteliers space.

Our guest this week is CEO and Co-Founder of RoomRaccoon Tyman van Dyl. Tyman shares his mission to empower independent hoteliers around the world with a complete and innovative management system. He believes that powerful software should not be exclusive to those with deeper pockets, but accessible to anyone in the industry.

We talk about the parity of running a company with your partner, both in business and in life, and how his journey into creating software solutions for the boutique hotel space came to be. We also discuss how to manage teams across the world and why strategic hubs are important and impactful. Tymen emphasizes the significance of adopting a forward-looking approach and prioritizing future growth when starting a company and the importance of avoiding fixation on the past and instead focusing on what works best for the future.

Join the conversation as they discuss the importance of customer satisfaction and making hospitality more human through technology.

Podcast Timestamps:
[00:03:39] Supercharging hotel operations.
[00:06:56] Leveling the playing field.
[00:09:55] Independent hotels and customer experience.
[00:14:07] Starting a business with your partner.
[00:17:22] Balancing work and family.
[00:23:05] Splitting time and international growth.
[00:24:07] Remote work and office camaraderie.
[00:27:55] AI advancements in language.
[00:32:23] Dangerous city centers.
[00:35:35] A galloping herd of game animals.

00:01:51 Empowering independent hoteliers through technology.
00:06:59 Leveling the playing field for independent hotels.
The timestamp in the podcast where it starts to say "Entrepreneurship with a partner" is 00:14:07. Entrepreneurship with a partner.
00:18:20 Importance of spending time together.
00:24:07 Importance of being present and connected.
00:29:37 Technology should enhance human experiences.
00:34:30 Thrilling horseback safari in Africa.

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