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Terneuzen, July 11, 2023 — Omniboost, the leading provider of data integration, automation, and management solutions for the hospitality and restaurant industries, is thrilled to announce its collaboration with Strawberry (formerly Nordic Choice Hotels).

This strategic alliance propels Omniboost’s expansion into the Nordics and marks a significant milestone in its mission to empower enterprise clients with cutting-edge financial data management capabilities.

Strawberry, boasting a portfolio of over 200 hotels in the Nordic region, has chosen Omniboost as a trusted technology partner. The Netherlands-based hospitality tech company with an office in New York City will leverage its expertise to seamlessly integrate data from various sources, saving hotels valuable time, simplifying complexity, driving data intelligence, enhancing compliance, and empowering business strategies. The collaboration encompasses an array of tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of the large-scale, international Strawberry hotel group.

As part of the partnership, Omniboost will implement an array of tools, including accounting, intracompany accounts receivables, and payment reconciliation systems. In addition, it will provide technology provisions such as e-invoicing, housekeeping application integration, onsite onboarding services, and the creation, delivery, and maintenance of data lakes and data warehousing.

The comprehensive scope of this collaboration, combined with the stature of Strawberry as a prominent industry player, serves as a testament to Omniboost’s preparedness and ability to cater to the needs of large-scale hotel and restaurant chains.

“We are thrilled to embark on this partnership with Strawberry for their extensive hotel network across the Nordics. Data lies at the core of efficient hotel operation and management, and we provide seamless integration and automation of data across properties. Our centralized platform, complemented by a wide range of integrations, will deliver real-time access to boost efficiency, streamline activities, and generate actionable insights. We are proud to be the chosen technology partner of Strawberry, and together we will navigate the digital age with agility and innovation,” said Kees Zorge, Founder, Omniboost.

"Embracing the digital age, we are delighted to join forces with Omniboost as our integration partner. Their flexible and comprehensive platform empowers us to effectively handle our expanding requirements while ensuring seamless data management across our hotels. With Omniboost, we have discovered a true partnership that enables us to excel in the dynamic hospitality industry," says Kari Anna Fiskvik, Vice President Technology at Strawberry.

About Omniboost:

Omniboost is a leading hospitality technology company specializing in data integration, automation, and management solutions. With a comprehensive suite of tools and services, Omniboost empowers hotels and restaurants to streamline their operations, drive data intelligence, and unlock business growth. The company is committed to delivering innovative and tailored solutions that save time, reduce complexity, and enhance overall efficiency for its clients.

Currently serving over 3000+ integrations worldwide across 65+ countries with more to come!

About Strawberry:

Strawberry, formerly known as Nordic Choice Hotels, is a prominent player in the hospitality industry with a diverse portfolio of over 200 hotels across the Nordic region. With a commitment to delivering exceptional guest experiences, Strawberry is continuously exploring innovative solutions to enhance operations, elevate service quality, and drive sustainable growth.

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