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The Power of Omniboost Propelling Your Insights

Setting up a data warehouse is a significant investment venture for most businesses; Omniboost offers a Data Warehouse-as-a-Service (DWaaS) solution to cater for all budgets.

A data warehouse is the centralized vault for your business' information resources. Information from multiple source IT systems is replicated to the data warehouse where it transferred, arranged, stored, dissected, and compiled into the reports and analytics for business leaders and operational staff needed to keep the business performing as expected.

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Key Features

  • Drive Data Intelligence

    Omniboost provides a more complete view of your finances to conduct real-time accounting and make more-informed business decisions. Break down existing data silos and take full advantage of your data. 

  • Solutions to Suite your Business

    Whether you require an off the shelf Dashboard Solution or a custom Datawarehouse Solution; Omni-Insights offers the flexibility to create a tailor made solution for you. 

  • More than PMS & POS Data

    Improve your insights by connecting additional data sources from the following types of applications:

    • Customer Review Scores
    • Inventory / Stock Management
    • Revenue Management 
    • House Keeping
    • Marketing Automation
    • Employee Planning
    • And more
  • Perfect for Chains & Management Companies

    Omni-Insights delivers when it comes to managing data across multiple outlets and systems. No matter the number or brands of PMS, POS or Accounting systems active within your environment, our powerful technology unifies data sets from all systems. Omni-Insights ensures easy to consume insights from your organization, enabling you to make informed business decisions.

  • Metrics You Expect

    Standard metrics and reports currently included:


    • Trial Balance
    • Guest Ledger
    • Accounts Receivable Reports

    For Hotels:

    • Total Available Rooms
    • Average Daily Rate (ADR)
    • Revenue per Available Room (RevPar)
    • Average Occupancy Rate
    • Gross Operating Profit per Available Room (GOP PAR)
    • Market Penetration Index (MPI)
    • Average Rate Index (ARI)
    • Revenue Generation Index (RGI) or RevPar Yield Index
    • Sentiment Score on TrustYou (or similar)
    • DRR (direct revenue ratio)
    • Website conversion rate
    • Marketing Cost per Booking (MCPB)
    • Segmentation
    • Total Revenue per Available Room (TrevPar)

      For Restaurants:

      • Employee Turnover
      • Cost of Goods Sold
      • Sales per Employee per Hour
      • Table Turn Rate
      • Spend per Head
      • Revenue per Available Seat Hour
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