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Live from Cali BBQ Media HQ in Sunny San Diego, California, episode 19 features CEO and Founder, Shawn P. Walchef.This episode covers ground, from embracing discomfort to crafting unforgettable experiences, Shawn's journey highlights the transformative power of storytelling and human connection. 

We dive deep into the intersection of technology, narrative, and hospitality as Shawn shares his experiences as a podcast host, content creator, and member of the customer advisory board at Toast. Join us as we explore the importance of going the extra mile and embracing discomfort to create magic in the hospitality industry.Don't miss out on this enriching conversation that will inspire you to think differently about the power of storytelling in business!

Podcast Timestamps:
00:00:00 - Embracing Discomfort for Magic Moments
00:00:33 - Introduction to Hospitable Podcast
00:01:05 - Meeting Shawn Walchef at Cali BBQ
00:02:04 - The Origin of "Be the Show, Not the Commercial"
00:03:08 - Sean's Background and Introduction to Hospitality
00:04:08 - Learning Hospitality from Family
00:05:01 - Building a Business on Hospitality and Storytelling
00:06:04 - The Power of Being the Show
00:07:06 - The Impact of Sharing Content Online
00:08:09 - The Importance of Social Proof in Business
00:09:09 - The Nature of Social Media Lurkers
00:10:18 - Why Hospitality Brands Hesitate to Use Social Media
00:11:11 - The Significance of Asking for Help
00:12:03 - The Power of Live Content on Social Platforms
00:13:10 - The Value of Sharing Failures and Real Stories
00:14:16 - The Importance of Human Connections in Business
00:15:37 - Leveraging Content for Business Growth
00:16:00 - Sean's Personal Lessons from His Grandfather
00:17:32 - The Importance of Curiosity and Involvement
00:18:00 - The Shift from Perfection to Authenticity
00:19:07 - The Future of Cali BBQ Media
00:20:11 - The Importance of Storytelling in Family and Business
00:21:08 - Capturing Family Stories During Holidays
00:22:11 - The Human-to-Human Aspect of Business
00:23:09 - Sean's Vision for Helping Brands Tell Stories
00:24:08 - The Shift from Traditional Marketing to Storytelling
00:25:08 - The Evolution of Cali BBQ Media
00:26:17 - The Challenge of Modern Marketing
00:27:28 - Sean's Best Travel Story
00:28:32 - The Transition from Barbecue to Media
00:29:46 - The Importance of Storytelling in Marketing
00:30:49 - Sean's Passion for Helping Families Tell Their Stories
00:31:55 - Sean's Contact Information and Platforms
00:35:25 - Discussing Social Media Presence and Strategy
00:36:13 - Rob's Podcasting Experience and Strategy
00:36:51 - Upcoming Interview with Rob on Digital Hospitality

00:00:00-00:00:10 - "All we need to do is do a better job of understanding if we're willing to be uncomfortable, if we're willing to bring cameras out, if we're willing to go drive to San Diego, fly from New York, come from Tempe, Arizona. If you're willing to do that work, magic can happen."
00:05:12-00:05:22 - "be the show, not the commercial."
00:07:39-00:07:49 - "It wasn't because Peloton advertised it. It was because one of my friends got their fat ass on them Peloton and put on Instagram stories, hey, this is me riding a Peloton."
00:07:49-00:07:59 - "then me and my fat ass going like, babe, maybe we should get a Peloton in the house because I don't have that gym membership, but maybe I could get my fat ass on the bike. Yeah, that's why I bought it."
00:11:00-00:11:11 "Most people are unwilling to get into the sandbox to get messy because they don't want to look stupid and they don't want to sound stupid."
00:13:41-00:13:53 - "Put it out so that other people can learn and feel. some kind of way, can learn something, can understand and connect to it."
00:17:04-00:17:14 "Kobe Bryant, the greatest basketball player is texting Michael Jordan at 2 AM asking him questions about his turnaround jumper. Why? So he can level up. If he's not going to ask, he has to have the humility to ask the greatest basketball player."
00:19:17-00:19:28 - "Hospitality is kindness to a stranger."
00:22:35-00:22:46 - "Look what you made. Yeah. Look what we made together."
00:24:47-00:24:58 - "But really, when we think about these experiences, technology, for example, all the companies you share... It's not B to B, it's not B to C, it's H to H. It's human to human."
00:28:46-00:28:56 - "Is it easier to share a website or is it easier to share a video from a social platform? Lead. Of course. All day. I have 60 seconds for a video. Yeah. If it's got a strong hook, if it's got a story, if it's another business owner solving a problem. Yeah. Done all day. Show it to me."
00:30:07-00:30:17 "Every business is family business."
00:32:49-00:32:59 - "how could I not bring them?"
00:36:38-00:36:48 If you're curious about Rob, you have to listen to our digital hospitality episode because I'm going to throw him under the bus. I'm going to expose, I'm going to depose him and ask him all the tough questions, all

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