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Convert customer transactions to Accounting excellence

Designed for both stand-alone and hotel restaurants, Omni-POSConnect processes transactions in real-time time to your preferred PMS or Accounting Platforms. Omni-POSConnect, fully automates the customer transaction process, eliminating time consuming manual data entry.

Key Features

  • Room Charges

    Enjoy the freedom of multiple POS systems; this feature is especially tailored for hotel restaurants, as it enables each location to charge guests and these transactions are migrated in real-time directly to your PMS and Accounting systems.

  • Fall Back Account

    Everybody's human; never a miss a transaction again because of an unmapped product category. Our Fall Back functionality, ensures you are alerted when new products are introduced to your POS systems, reminding you to map them in your accounting flow.

  • No Installation Required

    Your IT team will be delighted! With all Omniboost products, no physical installation is required; we live in the cloud. 

  • No Fixed Contract Period

    With Omniboost you are not required to commit to a lengthy contract; you can cancel any time.

POS Integrations

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